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  • Skin protection: WBM Baby Care Wipes shields baby skin from redness and rashes
  • Complete cleanliness: The Flushable Baby Wipes thoroughly cleans during a diaper change
  • Multi-purpose: Wipes clean the baby skin during mealtime, playtime, and traveling
  • Natural ingredients: Baby Care Wipes are alcohol & fragrance-free and an all-natural product
  • Easy disposal: The Wet Baby Wipes are flushable and makes disposal easy
  • Air-tight packing: Flip-top on the Infant Wipes helps keep moisture sustained for a longer time
  • Customer Satisfaction: We ensure a 100% money-back guarantee if our customer is not satisfied

Flushable WBM Baby Wipes
are manufacture from plant extract. Baby Wipes are hypoallergenic, cruelty-free wipes. WBM Baby Care Wipes can be used for hands, body and face cleaning, it prevents from irritation, red ashes and cleans the skin thoroughly. Moisturizing Baby Wipes keeps body save from dehydrating, prevents from dirt and germs. Baby Wipes made with wood pulp and a touch of premium ingredients maintains the body pH level. Baby wipes are ECO Friendly. WBM Baby Wipes are easy to dispose, they can be flushed easily and breakdown.

Key Feature:
Free from parabens, sulphate, and other harmful ingredients.
Easily flushable, easily breakdown while drain.
Gently & effectively cleans baby face and body.




Question: Are these wipes free of chemicals?
Yes, WBM Baby Wipes are free of alcohol, and other toxic chemicals.

Question: Can it be used on sensitive skin?
Yes, it can be used safely for sensitive skin. WBM Baby Care Wipes are manufacture considering the sensitivity of skin.

Question: Is this flushable?
Yes, this baby wipe is flushable and easy to dispose.

Question: Are these baby wipes anti-bacterial?
Of-course, WBM Kids Care Baby Wipes are anti-bacterial, removes germs from the baby skin.

Question: Can we place these wipes in wipe warmer?
Yes, you can. However, with any brand be sure they do not dry out in the wipe warmer.

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